Link to The Best Plans web pageThe Best Plans – dialogues based on the theme of best outcomes in Israel-Palestine.

The Best Plans Zotero Group of Croudsourced Referenced Research

NOTE: The Best Plans has split as of November 2012 into two destinct projects. While The Best Plans is now under the management of Doron Tzur and will no doubt follow a more conservative theme with Zionist involvement.

Peace Architects resolve to take the existing site and refocus it to appeal to leftish pro human rights community inline our community.
This enables an opportunity to...

  • Review the methodology which failed to get user support
  • Consider alternative funding sources
  • Increase the appeal to the Palestinian community


Link to Freedom Sailors web page Freedom Sailors, edited by Greta Berlin and Bill Dienst, M.D.

Freedom Sailors is a powerful record of the political and humanitarian activity of some of the best humans we are ever likely to meet, or learn about. These women and men leave us with the most wonderful of questions: Is human courage and sacrifice the same as love? And is it this love for ourselves collectively, as humans, that has a chance of saving us and our planet? To read this book is to see what we can be like, in the face of imminent danger."
Alice Walker, author of "The Color Purple"

A riveting account of one of the great moments in the history of non-violent resistance: breaking the criminal and sadistic siege of Gaza, and letting the prisoners know that at least some in the outside world care about them and their grim fate. The Free Gaza flotillas are truly an inspiration.
Noam Chomsky, Ph.D. – Professor, MIT


Rich Siegel- "In Palestine" from Richard A Siegel on Vimeo.

Available from Amazon & iTunes download

Singer/Pianist/Songwriter/Activist Rich Siegel has teamed up with Saxophonist/Author/Activist Gilad Atzmon to present a body of work representing a marriage of peace activism with spirituality. Some songs address specific issues like Palestine, religious tolerance, and non-violence, and others are just generally uplifting. A mixture of originals and covers, the vocals are mostly in English, but with selections in Arabic, Hebrew, and Spanish. The side-musicians who contributed are among the very best the New York music scene has to offer: cellist Eugene Moye, guitarist Gary Ciuci, bassist Cameron Brown, drummer Anthony Pinciotti.

The Way to Peace is a stellar recording.
Brent Black Critical Jazz



The Democracy Council

Peak body responsible for the rebuilding of the American International School in Gaza

The American International School in Gaza (AISG) opened in 2000, with the aim of providing a Western-style curriculum for grades K-12. Unique to Gaza, AISG was established with the guiding principles of Western-style academic excellence, tolerance, diversity and respect for others through a curriculum accredited by an international body. In 2009 the school was destroyed. Currently, 335 students continue to study in a rented facility with skeletal faculty and limited books and materials. The Democracy Council, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, was awarded a grant from the U.S. Agency for International Development to assist in enhancing the school’s educational services and operations, including retaining a professional international management company, provide $300,000 worth scholarships, support to recruit and pay foreign teachers, assist in bringing the school to financial independence, as well as developing plans for rebuilding the school.